Cheek-_-Bone: f

Canned Lemons: the inability to change teams is such a weird rule lol

Canned Lemons: imo

Canned Lemons: my scenario kinda proves that

docmoe27: f

Canned Lemons: why bro?

kanadiun: so we dont light em up at first glance

Canned Lemons: gotcha gotchq

Canned Lemons: he will get on just prob not too often

Canned Lemons: anybody want a drop box

Canned Lemons: well theres a free drop box to anyone who knows where im at

Cheek-_-Bone: o2

Cheek-_-Bone: raid him

Canned Lemons: :0

Gloop: jimmy neutron

Canned Lemons: anybody need low grade

shayne.jeremiah: what are you wanting to trade for?

Canned Lemons: metal ore/ fragments, ammo, idk ill take offers

Canned Lemons: i just have exess of some stuff

Canned Lemons: excess

shayne.jeremiah: we dont have an excess of metal... ammo MAYBE

Canned Lemons: yeah me too lol but never hurts to have more

Canned Lemons: ill take gunpowder

Canned Lemons: or sulfur

Pyrotechnist: i have gun powder

kanadiun: is admin on?

trevorayers: hey, good

kanadiun: whaaat

trevorayers: yea, just built a bow

Canned Lemons: uh what

MrTheEPICC: bruhhh what

Canned Lemons: literally said no reason lmao

trevorayers: yes

trevorayers: you can have it, i haven't gotten that far

trevorayers: yet

kanadiun: anyone else here used a sam turret yet?

shayne.jeremiah: So i wonder what that was about.

kanadiun: getting kicked in 3's im guessing a teamup?

iberico: so gloop and cheekbones base is L3....

Canned Lemons: bruh no

Canned Lemons: HAH

iberico: and jackson1335 and gloops base is L4

Canned Lemons: cheek said he was cooking porkchops

Canned Lemons: WHAT

Canned Lemons: ok guys dont cook porkchops

shayne.jeremiah: i got dibs on those porkchops fuckers

Canned Lemons: its illegal now

Canned Lemons: can someone contact admin lol

Canned Lemons: i think this was a mistake

kanadiun: iberico is admin

iberico: it was not

Canned Lemons: whatd they do?

iberico: trio

kanadiun: do they have a kickass base?

kanadiun: like how much will this cost me lol

Canned Lemons: whatd they do exactly?

Canned Lemons: im just curious

iberico: how can i be more clear about the trio part?

Canned Lemons: yeah like did they raid together?

iberico: they were all togeather yes

Canned Lemons: i have cheek on steam and hes saying they were just givin them tips cause he was new

iberico: right...

iberico: and them sharing bases?

iberico: helping im sure

Canned Lemons: theyre talking to me right now one sec

Canned Lemons: "i mean we are friends with him but hes brand ass new to the game so gloop was giving him so pointers on how to start the game"

Canned Lemons: they werent teamin just pointers

Canned Lemons: prob showing him stuff would be my guess

Hobbes: lots of new players coming in from the twitch raves

Canned Lemons: yeah

iberico: yes and they all tell me they had no idea it was a duo server

iberico: i didnt even need to talk to them it was clear to me, conversation over

Canned Lemons: aight man

Canned Lemons: i know they werent teaming tho but youre the admin

kanadiun: canned, you going to raid them?

MrTheEPICC: i found 2 of there bodies

kanadiun: oh no

Canned Lemons: idk man i feel kinda bad lol

MrTheEPICC: there base is huge

Hobbes: lol XD

shayne.jeremiah: I feel that... were still on the fence

Canned Lemons: yoo dont raid immediately give it like a day

Canned Lemons: atleasy

MrTheEPICC: im not going too

MrTheEPICC: im just looking at it

MrTheEPICC: i dont even have my raid shit on me

Canned Lemons: yeah

shayne.jeremiah: hoping for an appeal?

Canned Lemons: i think theyre going to try to get in contact and give their point of view

Canned Lemons: i remember them talking to me about the teaming aspect so i know they wouldnt want to trio

Canned Lemons: why i was very confused lol

Canned Lemons: i guess it goes down to that the server rules promote "neutrality" but if someone other than a team mate goes into your base it

Canned Lemons: counts as teaming

kanadiun: yeah. dont let randoms into your base

Canned Lemons: thats my takeaway from this


Canned Lemons: but i think they shouldve been able to talk first tho imo

Canned Lemons: i kno they werent meaning to team

Canned Lemons: but ima shut up now for my own safety XD

docmoe27: ^

shayne.jeremiah: is there an appeals system?

Canned Lemons: you can email him

Canned Lemons: or message him

Canned Lemons: i think

Canned Lemons: something like that

shayne.jeremiah: i know the email didnt work for me, but steam chat does

Canned Lemons: gotcha

kanadiun: anyone got sulfur for sale?

Kenoebi: what u wanna trade for it

kanadiun: will trade sexual favours hahaha

Kenoebi: done

kanadiun: jk

Kenoebi: i mean yea... jk

Canned Lemons: well well

Canned Lemons: hey is admin on

docmoe27: wanna hop in

docmoe27: hazi mat man

beachwrld9: ww

Canned Lemons: Hows everyone doin

Mrtaco5445: good hbu

Royalty: great

lmeyos: horrible

Xay: good

shayne.jeremiah: oh ya know... just farming away

Canned Lemons: good bro good

Canned Lemons: why horrible lol

lmeyos: idk lol

Canned Lemons: who got the crate?

kanadiun: what crate?

Kenoebi: where?

Canned Lemons: the locked crate

Kenoebi: and who in the world would say "oMg YaS mE i GoT iT

Canned Lemons: true XD

Mrtaco5445: i got a nuke out of it

Canned Lemons: i just ran all the way there a bit ago and realized it was gone when i got there

docmoe27: poggers

Canned Lemons: yes nuke us all

Kenoebi: wanna fight canned?

kanadiun: nuke the server!!!

Canned Lemons: what?

YaBoiDingus: just ran through 8 grids naked and starving, is this normal for this server? resources seem kind of sparse

Canned Lemons: yeah idk

Canned Lemons: its on and off

Canned Lemons: sometimes high abundance sometimes low

Mrtaco5445: im starving rn

Mrtaco5445: i think its just a rust thing

Mrtaco5445: u just starve

Canned Lemons: gotta plant some pumpkin bois

YaBoiDingus: i'm surviving off the 5 shroooms i've found lol

Kenoebi: i can bring you aa can of food...

A_toka_D: just got my first bear life is good

Mrtaco5445: ppl should start w 25 pumpkin seeds and 5 pumpkins

lmeyos: thats so dumb

Canned Lemons: would eliminate the point a bit

lmeyos: jk lol

YaBoiDingus: appreciate it but i'll be good as long as there aren't naked hunters here

lmeyos: pumpkin inflation

Kenoebi: lol its rust..

Canned Lemons: nah most people here are chill

Canned Lemons: only a couple toxic players

lmeyos: im toxic

Kenoebi: killing ppl aint toxic

lmeyos: ​>:)

Canned Lemons: i didnt say killing people was toxic

YaBoiDingus: killimg in a fair fight isn't toxic but hunting obviously naked players is

Canned Lemons: suspicious you defended yourself immediately XD

lmeyos: can i change celcius to farenheit?

YaBoiDingus: i mean, wtf is my wooden hatchet gonna do against your ak?

docmoe27: death

LumberJack54: scawy

Canned Lemons: element of surprise

YaBoiDingus: lol

Canned Lemons: yoink dat fucker in the dark

Canned Lemons: this dude has been sleeping in a bush near me for like three days

docmoe27: poggers

Canned Lemons: hes kinda like a tourist attraction or pet at this point

Kenoebi: shoot him

Canned Lemons: may build a house around him not sure yet

Canned Lemons: no ​>:(

docmoe27: thats a good idea build a house

Canned Lemons: 1x1 twig

LumberJack54: thatd be funny

docmoe27: lol

Canned Lemons: i found a guy in a twig house earlier and i lowkey considered just upgrading everything for kicks

Canned Lemons: but nah he was shleepin

docmoe27: lol

Canned Lemons: gotta let the man shleep

Canned Lemons: too bad you cant paint cars

LumberJack54: thatd be sick

Canned Lemons: make a lemon mobile

LumberJack54: this is the bang bus, next stop get fucked

Canned Lemons: exactly

docmoe27: bet

Canned Lemons: my garage disintegrated, not sure why

Recneps: you have tc?

kanadiun: too far from your tc

Kenoebi: anyone have jackhammer?

Canned Lemons: yeah thats my guess

Canned Lemons: but it still said building privileges so i assumed it would be ok

Kenoebi: or where do i get

docmoe27: hmmm

Canned Lemons: crates, locked crates and supply drops

Recneps: was it connected to the buidling or was it seperate

Canned Lemons: supply drops have been the fastest way for me

Kenoebi: u have one?

Canned Lemons: it was seperate so i assume thats why, i just didnt know

Canned Lemons: yeah i have like three

Kenoebi: can i buy 1 please

Recneps: ye if its seperate it needs its own tc

Canned Lemons: not keen to trade with you tho i dont know you well yet. sorry bro

KeeKo: You can buy them from outpost vending machine too

Kenoebi: for how much

Canned Lemons: also you offered to fight me earlier? XD

KeeKo: 150 scrap

Canned Lemons: yea do that

docmoe27: lemos

Canned Lemons: docos

docmoe27: do you still have any ceiling lights​>

docmoe27: ?

Canned Lemons: i can make them

docmoe27: oh ok

docmoe27: i might need some later

Canned Lemons: ok lmk

docmoe27: will do

Canned Lemons: altho ill be getting off soon

docmoe27: same

docmoe27: i mean like tommorrow

Canned Lemons: gotcha

docmoe27: well i might pull an all nighter

Canned Lemons: just bring like 30 scrap

docmoe27: i will

Canned Lemons: thats the price at the bandit place

docmoe27: k


Canned Lemons: YET IT DECAYS


Canned Lemons: makes very much good sense

KeeKo: Connect it to your base

docmoe27: ^

Canned Lemons: its like offset

Kenoebi: want in person help?

Canned Lemons: no

Canned Lemons: but thanks

KeeKo: any blocked placed still connected to block that houses TC extends the Range of TC

Canned Lemons: oh ok ill try. its like offset doe. can you pick up car lifts

Canned Lemons: no it says too close to another building now

KeeKo: make like a stone walkway to the garage or something it should work after that, i learned the hard way

Canned Lemons: i give up lol

KeeKo: and use hammer, should be able to pick it up

Canned Lemons: aight thx

Canned Lemons: yeahhh so its not letting me pick up the vehicle lift

Canned Lemons: gl everyone

xcoop998: Hello

YaBoiDingus: can that thing still see through walls? haven't played in a couple years

xcoop998: Any body want to duo

kanadiun: how goes it fellers

xcoop998: Hi

kanadiun: hello

xcoop998: Do you have a duo

kanadiun: i do

kanadiun: sorry brah

shayne.jeremiah: but i here his teammate is an asshole

xcoop998: Its all good my duo got off a hour ago

shayne.jeremiah: hear

kanadiun: yeah, hes a real dickhead

xcoop998: How

kanadiun: you arent allowed to change duo teammates between wipes

kanadiun: unless you just joined the server

xcoop998: I just joind

kanadiun: guys any of you tried a sam turret before? are they effective?

kanadiun: those damn choppers come after me every time

iberico: they only target player copters, and ballons.. have many people have you seen flying here? :)

iberico: a good flyer can bait it out too and make it cause damage to your own base

kanadiun: they dont target the patrol choppers???

iberico: no

kanadiun: how am i supposed to shoot them down then

iberico: m249 perferable

YaBoiDingus: tf is that? a barge?

iberico: bolt/ or ak works too

kanadiun: fack

iberico: lets see...

iberico: l;ke that

kanadiun: that was rude haha

iberico: yeah:( okbye

kanadiun: looks like ill just keep hiding from patrol choppers haha

TV/KryptoCody: anybody know a good spot to find a horse for free?

kanadiun: on the ground usually

TV/KryptoCody: dope

kanadiun: haha, they spawn pretty randomly

kanadiun: anyone have a chopper in here?

last msg: 1/18/21 1:18am