lukasammon56: thank you for who ever raided my base but didnt take anything and actually helped me and put locks on all my doors and gave me t

pprebx: well that was pretty kind of someone

lukasammon56: right

sid: ya got me to

pprebx: im bout to get off so who wants my stuff?

pprebx: i dont have a lot but eh free stuff is free stuff

lukasammon56: do you have any gun powder

pprebx: no but i have stuff to make it

pprebx: i have 135k sulfur smelting and charcoal

lukasammon56: nah its good im new so i didnt know you could make gun powder

lukasammon56: i have the stuff to make it

pprebx: alright well i mean since im getting off do you want me to make you some with my stuff?

diegoiacevedo: icy

diegoiacevedo: why

diegoiacevedo: why did u raid me

diegoiacevedo: im gonna report you to the discord

nimajneB: isnt raiding allowed

diegoiacevedo: its not bruh

nimajneB: How so​>

diegoiacevedo: web desc

nimajneB: web?

diegoiacevedo: can you help me get my stuff back

nimajneB: ion know

diegoiacevedo: bruh i helped you

nimajneB: I know

nimajneB: but i cant control that

diegoiacevedo: what imma tell my cousin

diegoiacevedo: bro why

diegoiacevedo: dude he spent so much time in this

lukasammon56: sure if you want to

nimajneB: ill try to help

diegoiacevedo: dude im just gonna report him to the discord my friends one of the admins

pprebx: whats the point of a rust server if you cant raid

nimajneB: fax

DeathmanxXx19: wait we cant raid?

pprebx: guess not

DeathmanxXx19: why?

pprebx: idk

pprebx: this is my first time playing

DeathmanxXx19: me too

pprebx: but like im gonna dip since raiding isnt allowed

lukasammon56: well who ever just killed me at my base with aks and had a rocket launcher on there back congrats

lukasammon56: im a new player

pprebx: alright imma dipe

pprebx: dip

nimajneB: okay bye

pprebx: cya guys have fun and uh i guess dont raid?

Icy: YALL have any base we can raid

GameBox64: ICY

Icy: opps

GameBox64: how u take Everything

nimajneB: No reason

GameBox64: like Bruh

nimajneB: good sar kit brotha

GameBox64: apparently

GameBox64: well, new server time

Equinox52: when was the last wipe?

Icy: IDK

Icy: How did you die

whalewarrior01: hello

lukasammon56: anyone on?

lukasammon56: anyone on?

Tabi: hi

lukasammon56: hello

Tabi: how u today

lukasammon56: im good how about you

Tabi: am oki

Tabi: learning the game

lukasammon56: thats good

lukasammon56: are you new?

Tabi: who on

lukasammon56: im on

Tabi: did u raid someone?

lukasammon56: yeah but it ewas already raided when i got through the doors

Tabi: yeah someone was on yesterday raiding the whole map

lukasammon56: dang really

lukasammon56: do you want to meet up we can team?

Tabi: aight, where is a good spot?

lukasammon56: whats your cords

Tabi: go to airfield

lukasammon56: im already there if you want to head this way

lukasammon56: just tell me when you get here or when your close

Tabi: im on airfield

Tabi: lefr

Tabi: left

Tabi: my mic doesnt work idk how to fix it but hi

Tabi: yee

Tabi: i oki

Tabi: my friend is up ahead

Tabi: rust is fucky with mic

xnoowl: ye, but i´ve got the same issue as Tabi.

Tabi: discord?

Tabi: Tabi#7682

lukasammon56: 1LaPlays1

Tabi: ah wait its

xnoowl: And the #

Tabi: Tabi#7684

lukasammon56: 8163

xnoowl: got it

Tabi: brb

kennethkaiser1234: TPA

kennethkaiser1234: tpa

SlimKermie: hello

lukasammon56: hi

SlimKermie: do you hate black people also?

lukasammon56: NO

SlimKermie: you should its fun

lukasammon56: imma pass

Yourboisimp: what

SlimKermie: can i join someone

lukasammon56: uhhhh

lukasammon56: im already in a group

SlimKermie: please luka im just kidding

lukasammon56: im not the leader of the group so i cant invite you

SlimKermie: wtf everyone a fuicking pussy on this


Tabi: whats up streamy boi

FellaNator: hi

Tabi: hi

FellaNator: do you want free stuff?

Tabi: nah im good

FellaNator: ill just get it for you

FellaNator: oh ok

FellaNator: just a little bored lol

Tabi: yee

FellaNator: so your telling me that you dont want this airdrop I just found?

FellaNator: I have sars to give

Tabi: its cool fam

Tabi: who dat

FellaNator: who is near mining outpost?

Tabi: me

FellaNator: I think I just saw you

Tabi: yus

FellaNator: riding a horse?

Tabi: yah

FellaNator: wow it seems like in this sever its just you and me

Tabi: 1 other

Yourboisimp: im here too

Yourboisimp: who passed the dome

Tabi: m

Yourboisimp: oh

FellaNator: well if I ever find you again I give you a gift :D

FellaNator: who lives around k9?

Tabi: idk

Yourboisimp: you mean that big base

FellaNator: oop its raided lol

Yourboisimp: oh that one on the mountain

FellaNator: yes

FellaNator: if you come I have a gift if you want :D

Yourboisimp: it was already raided when i found it

Yourboisimp: no thanks

FellaNator: no sars?

FellaNator: holy crap who lives around k10?

Yourboisimp: me

FellaNator: massive

Tabi: like my-

FellaNator: noice base

Yourboisimp: thanks

Tabi: oof

FellaNator: rip

Yourboisimp: i got kicked for flyhack when i got on a tree branch

FellaNator: im going to get off but if you find my body around your outer wall it has 2 sars and some gun attatchments

FellaNator: dang

Yourboisimp: oh ok then

Yourboisimp: whos small base is at L10

Tabi: who is heli fucking up

Yourboisimp: me

Yourboisimp: whos base is at L10

Yourboisimp: what

Yourboisimp: ow well tried my best gg

Tabi: gg

lukasammon56: gg

Yourboisimp: hello

Yourboisimp: anyone there

lukasammon56: yeah im on

Yourboisimp: oh wait

Yourboisimp: can i still keep the base that you raided or no

lukasammon56: what base

Yourboisimp: the big one were you there when that other dude killed me the one in k10 i think

Yourboisimp: j8 i ment

Yourboisimp: fuck i mean

Yourboisimp: k10 yea sorry im tired

lukasammon56: sure i dont care i dont remeber rading a base there but sure you can keep it

Yourboisimp: the base you raided with tabi

Yourboisimp: ok bye ima sleep

lukasammon56: the big one with a bunch of walls sure

lukasammon56: and good night

Yourboisimp: anyone there


Yourboisimp: oh

lukasammon56: IS THAT A YES

Yourboisimp: ok

Yourboisimp: are you the one walking near my base

lukasammon56: YEAH

Yourboisimp: oh

lukasammon56: can you let me in?

Yourboisimp: i was going to abandon the base anyway you can keep it if you want to

lukasammon56: does it have loot

Yourboisimp: not alot

lukasammon56: do you have mic

Sakura :/: W

iberico: what the shit

koolaidman: ANYONE HERE

KillMePlz: nope

KillMePlz: not me

Taco Bell: Is there kits​>

Yourboisimp: anyone there

KoolAidJuan: yea

Yourboisimp: who else

hmaibauer: hi

BenAMinute: !pop

whalewarrior01: is there an admin in here?

Walter: whos on

whalewarrior01: hi

Walter: where are you

whalewarrior01: I6

Walter: how do i open my map

whalewarrior01: g

Walter: ok im xoming to you

Walter: coming

whalewarrior01: ?

whalewarrior01: im about to do puzzles to get cards

Walter: oh nvm

Walter: how do i open inventory

Walter: umm

Walter: IM assuming radiation kills me

Captain IFN.GG: hi

Captain IFN.GG: wherer i everyohne

Spooderman D Uchiha: chelo

Spooderman D Uchiha: helo`?

Yourboisimp: anyone there

Yourboisimp: hello

KoolAidJuan: yea

Yourboisimp: anyone there

vanilla ice: you tryna offline someone?

vanilla ice: carlos you there?

vanilla ice: its me ricky

Yourboisimp: what

vanilla ice: do you need help offlining anyone?

Yourboisimp: no why

vanilla ice: jacob told me to come help you

Yourboisimp: who??

vanilla ice: you dont remember jacob, carlos?

Yourboisimp: no i dont know a jacob

Yourboisimp: anyway thanks ima get off vanilla ice

vanilla ice: :( have a good one

vanilla ice: im sure youll remember jacob

fraine: hello

fraine: hello

friendlybear: hello

last msg: 1/17/21 7:05pm