Your base must have a tool cupboard, it keeps your base from decaying and stops people building in the radius. Anyone can still place ladders and build twig floors on your base, so don't leave open holes. Walls have a hard and soft side, you want the hard side out so people can't easily pick it with melee tools. A common mistake new players make is building way too big and leaving the base twig and wood. The 2x2 is a very common build, watch this Evil Wurst video to see how he does a Simple 2x2 Starter Base. Also check out Rustafied's 'building in rust' guide.

Don't build windows unless you absolutely know what your doing. People will build outside and pick the soft side, or shoot fire arrows in. You only have 10 minutes after placing to demolish a block with the hammer. If you need to rotate after the 10 minutes, you can upgrade the tier, then rotate. Otherwise you will have to destroy the block by other means(jackhammer, picks, c4). If your base is stone and sheet metal, you can remove the stone and only stone will decay.

Use the hammer tool to pick up entities like sleeping bags, boxes, and furnaces. You must unlock and remove the lock first before picking up doors, and boxes. When you place a lock it is not "locked" by default, make sure the light on it is red indicating it's locked. Some items can't be moved after deployed like large furnaces.

Shotgun traps are easy to bait out and shoot at long range, and the flame turret is just bad imo - prove me wrong. You need good placement of your traps for them to be effective.

If your new to electricity, I recommend - you can create and test schematics before building. Check out the example circuits at the bottom.

Split your ore up in your furnace slots, it will cook faster. You can middle click to split a stack in half, or use Shift+middle click to split in thirds. Use this Ultimate Furnace Guide on steam for efficiently using furnaces.


You get your loot from the containers that spawn around the world. The best most commonly seen are the Crate, Tool-Box, and Military-crate. Military crates are the best of the 3 and can be found at most monuments. Most monuments will also have conveniences like recyclers, refineries, and even research tables. The outpost and Bandit Camp have a lvl 1 workbench, and shops to trade in your scrap.

The main building of launch site will always radiate you, so if you loot it you will need a water jug and bandages.
each monument's radiation levels are different, try to keep your protection above 25 and you can go most places.

You can read about the Status Effects like too hot, too cold, comfort, hunger, radiation HERE.

Keep some fuses on hand and do the puzzles to access even more loot crates at the monuments.

SAFE ZONES- If you were hostile or have a weapon out then you can not go into a safe zone. You will have a red target in the top right of your screen. If you get shot and/or die to the safe zone then you will be banned for 30minutes


Scrap and high quality metal(HQM) are the most valued currencies in the game. You will be recycling most everything early on for the scrap and metals. CLOTH- hemp plants around the map, recycle tarp, sewing kits, and rope found in barrels. FOOD- rivers, food crates in and around monuments, hunting animals.

Put sleeping bags down around the map, they are your re-spawn points if you die. Use beds in your base to avoid the cool-down periods. When you die your corpse turns into a bag after 5 minutes, and the item you were holding drops separately. Items have different de-spawn times, the best item you had determines your bags de-spawn time. You can check rustlabs for the item's time - Most guns including the Bolt Action Rifle will stay 1 hour.

Rustlabs lists all items and has tabs with great details. You can see what you get for recycling it, or the durability. For example; if you goto sheet metal door and look at its durability below, you can see it takes 4 satchels to destroy it.

Animals ignore players on foundations, and they are slow in water too, use these to help defend and attack them.

Once you have been sprinting, you don't have to hold your sprint key. You can do an auto-run bind in console like this: bind c "sprint;forward"

There are various AI events that happen; supply drops, helicopter patrols, cargo ship, and more, take advantage of these for even more loot. Supply drops will always have weapons and clothes. Locked Crates on the map are the best, and you find most of your tier 3 items in these. The Patrol Helicopter will ignore you if you have only 2 pieces of clothing on, and no ranged weapons on your belt, just put your weapons and extra clothing in your inventory.

Check out the Rustafied Guides for more tips - they also have a weekly blog about the game's updates.

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