Community servers get a bad wrap, and there is no easy way to filter out the bad ones. They come and go because anyone with 10$ can start one. Most don't know what they are doing when it comes to wipes, and updates. Admin abuse - admins playing, spawning things in, and noclipping around. I know first hand and it sucks. You put a lot of time into a rust server, I understand the chore it is to find a low/med pop community server. Thanks for giving tehwebz a shot.

The server you play on, its map and settings can play a big part in how your game 'feels'. Use Battlemetrics to get information about the servers you play on. They should have a website, and the description should give good information. Check out the players to get an idea of how populated the server is and how long its been around.

The Solo/Duo server's game time is kept synced with real time. When you join the server at the end of the hour it will be night time... A new hour for us is a new day in rust. This is a more casual server - I don't mind accommodating my players here, give me a shout if you need a wall knocked down, or something skinned.

The maps will change every month with wipe. Launch site and Excavator are only on maps 3500 or bigger, and ring road on maps 4k and bigger. Here is the list of the CCTV Camera IDs placed at monuments should you acquire a computer station. I made a simple page for NEW PLAYERS and I suggest checking out Rustafied's guides.

I do value any and all feedback - Come to the steam group chat, or email me directly. Good luck have fun.